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Added: Sep 02, 2017 05:55
Author: Josh Forwood
License: Creative Commons - Attribution


This is a replacement zip toggle designed to easily connect to any medium to large zip loops where the metal/plastic toggle has broken off.

Often when this happens, the gap to slot something into the hole is tiny or non-existent so this design allows you to connect a toggle to a completely enclosed loop using a simple locking mechanism.

[This is still a thing in progress. It is absolutely a fully functional design in it's current state but I'm still working on improving the aesthetics, the grip, and the clip design to allow maximum movement on the zip]

Print Settings

Flashforge Creator Pro



0.1 LH / 0.4 Nozzel


For maximum strength, these should be printed in the orientation they are currently set to, lying on their largest flattest sides.

However, if your printer can't bridge the gap on the case part in that orientation, then you can rotate it 90 degrees so it sits on it's long thin side. There will still be bridging required but a much shorter distance.

Due to the fine detail in the clip lock mechanism, a fine resolution is recommended for this, I've printed at 1 micron later height.

With regards to infill, this part may be put under quite a lot of strain so a minimum of 50% infill is recommended but ideally more around 80%.


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