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Added: Feb 07, 2018 22:11
Author: jimmi steffensen
License: Creative Commons - Attribution


When you lay your head on your pillow, ready to fall asleep to Netflix or Youtube, like any other normal person, your phone screen should NOT be horizontal.
The screen should be in a incline like your eyes.

Just put the Z-clip on your phone and let it stand on the Z-clip and the phones one corner.
When you want to lay your body on the other side, just move the phone to the other side of your bed and flip the phone to the other corner.

If you absolutely, for some strange reason, need to have the phones screen horizontal....
Just print out two Z-Clips. :-)

Fast and easy to print, impossible to live without :-)

The design fit my Samsung S8+ but it is easy to scale up or down to fit your phone.

I have made two versions. One straight up and one angled more back.


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