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Added: Sep 20, 2017 13:38
Author: Corey Daniels
License: Creative Commons - Attribution - Share Alike


A precision hobby knife that uses a standard utility blades instead of overpriced X-Acto ones.

An added benefit is that the blade can be reversed when it becomes dull; therefore, doubling the life of it.

The only additional hardware needed is a single 10mm m3 screw, m3 washer, and m3 nut.

A Relative Design project.

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Place a clean utility blade into the handle, making sure it is fully seated.
Put the cover over the blade by first aligning the bottom edge under the small overhang and then pressing the top down over the blade. Again, make sure all parts are full seated.
Place the nut into the hexagonal hole in the cover.
Complete the assembly by inserting the m3 screw with washer through the back face of the handle and into the nut.
Tighten the screw snugly.


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