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Added: Dec 07, 2017 07:40
Author: Garrett Kearney
License: Creative Commons - Attribution


Watch here: https://youtu.be/cv1QyHBbdzw

This is my take on a VW Bus model. It's not 100% accurate to any specific year. I was just going for a 1970s-ish VW Bus, and it's missing a few details that would have made it significantly more difficult to print without adding to much to the overall feel of it (like the mirrors for example).

But this is something that I found to be very fun, and it turned out pretty good I think. I modeled it in Fusion 360. I used a Box in the sculpting environment to get the main shape. Then I used sketches to add all of the details to the body.

Then I printed it in a few pieces. The main body is all in one part, you'll need supports just for the window frames. Then the wheels print separately with a few pins that allow you to glue them in place easily.

Printers: Prusa i3 MK2S
Filament: Repko PLA
Layer Height: 0.1mm
Supports: Yes
Modeled in Fusion 360


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