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Added: Jan 31, 2018 10:27
Author: Bill Westrick
License: Creative Commons - Attribution


Valentine Tealight is the first in a new concept I am trying. You print a thin flexible sheet that is rolled into a cylinder and help in place by a groove in the base and lid. The technique allows for potentially more detail in on the sides since it can be printed without supports. The sheet can also be much thinner that if it were printed upright.

I've tried this in PETG. I'm not sure it will work in PLA but maybe if the sheet is printed thin enough.

I would suggest printing the sheet first then measuring it's actual thickness. Mine printed out with an actual thickness of 0.85mm so I set the groove value to 1.00mm and this worked for me. You may need to experiment a bit.

Depending on your printer, you may need to print the sheet diagonally.

Feel free to try your own designs.

More to come!


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