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Added: Sep 20, 2017 13:46
License: Creative Commons - Attribution - Non-Commercial


A new type of quick-release clamp designed to slide and lock on aluminum t-slot extrusion. With this fully printable model you can build bar clamps of arbitrary size and mount multiple clamps on the same bar.

Minimalist/functional by design: only two parts, both print without supports and assembles like a puzzle.

The cam-lock lever mechanism is designed such that it puts slight pressure in the jaws when it locks and releases quickly with a snap then slides freely, making part switching effortless compared to classic vise/screw models.

The model is fully parametric via Customizer or OpenSCAD: not only you can control the size of the clamps and their features (grooves and such) but also fit these on the most common aluminum extrusions - Misumi 15mm/20mm (1515 or 2020), OpenBeam, 80/20 1010 1", MicroRax 10mm or even your own T-Slot or C-section profile.

A few examples: https://youtu.be/aWFwbUx84aI https://youtu.be/W1OkOy_swrU


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