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Added: Feb 08, 2018 00:50
Author: Chris Authement
License: Creative Commons - Attribution


One of our favorite activities in the spring and summer is to take a few model rockets down to the local baseball field and launch them. My two kids really love it, and I like that they get involved with painting the rockets.

The toilet-paper tubes that I designed these for are the Great-Value Brand from Wal-Mart. The quality control on the inside diameter of the rolls is not great; so, some will be tighter then others. The diameter was designed to print at 42mm.

The model rocket is designed to accommodate an "Estes Class A." Sometimes, Estes list these as "Standard Class." ***EDIT****: So, we had some uncommonly warm weather today (1-13-2018). I took this rocket out with one of the larger "pay-load" rockets. I would say that an "A Class" engine is undersized. No worries! You can use a standard "C Class" engine. They have the same dimensions. I used a C6-3 and it seemed quite perfect for a windy day. Maybe 200ft best guess.

Enjoy and please, be safe.

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Reprap ANET A8 Clone Melzi





I used touching build-plate for supports due to the internal parts that are elevated off the plate. I used PLA as the print material.


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