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Added: Dec 14, 2017 11:03
Author: thingirob
License: Creative Commons - Attribution


Just some brackets to firm up the little spider =)

Will need 1 of each, and 2 of the Y_Base.

I didn't add any tolerance in the drawing so it may be a tight fit depending on printer setup.
There is a gauge to check fit and make adjustments to your printer or scale before printing the larger pieces.

These are stout enough that you can leave a 5mm gap on the ends of the 2 short 2040 on the base and a 20 mm gap on the upper z mount corner to give you 20mm more x travel. This is nice if you have a wider x carriage. Can also easily raise the Z legs 20mm, but not needed to get the full 200mm z.

Make sure your printer is square when you print these. I set them up to lock it down and if your printer is out of whack, they and your printer will be after installing.

I run this adjustable z stop. Use the short version with the these brackets.

These things are a major pita to install with the stock style tnuts. Search ebay/ali/whatever for something like "Roll In T-Nut with Ball Spring- M4 For aluminum extrusion 2020". These type of nuts are super sweet and make the job sooo much easier. Easier maint down the road also. It can be done with the normal ones, but you really want this type. You will want to grab about 100 of them.

Lol! I just figured out where that random dollar or two in my paypal is coming from.
Had me scratching my head for a little while. Thought somebody signed me up for some chain letter pyramid scheme or something =D
For you guys that leave tips, thank you! That is awesome, and much appreciated! Kinda gives me the warm fuzzies to know I can help out people all over the world =)

Update 5/1/16
Added a gimbal z nut mount to allow the nut to remain coaxial with a non straight z screw.
This is Z_Nut_Mount and Z_Nut_Inner. You will need to fabricate the pins that it rotates on. Holes are 3.2mm, but I used 2.5mm so a bit of a range here as long as they are snug but still rotate easily. They need to be ~10mm long and some custom fitting is prob going to be needed.


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