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Added: Feb 03, 2018 02:07
Author: Jason Buckner
License: Creative Commons - Attribution - Share Alike


This is a Super Mario Warp Tube planter and Brick Trays. I created two different trays: one with a base and one with an open hole that you can add your own tray.

Designed in Sketchup.

I printed the tube upside down due to the large overhangs where the head and body meet.

I also printed it without supports to not use so much filament. It still did a decent job at covering the base of the tube, though it's a bit messy.

I did have some problems separating the raft from the top of the tube, but was able to sand that down for the most part.

The bases took me several tries and the final one was close enough.


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Mario_Brick_Tray.stl 1.08 MB
Mario_Circle_Brick_Tray.stl 989.07 KB
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