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Added: Oct 11, 2017 01:41
Author: AndrewBougie
License: Creative Commons - Attribution


It's a (very large) Super Mario pen and pencil holder! There are several configurations available depending on how much desktop space you have and how much filament you want to use. The rendered images after the photo show some options.

The flagpole is a pencil. The flag.stl and flag_base.stl have an 8.5mm hole in them. It was a bit too large for the pencil I used, but fits a standard Bic Round Stick pen. You can scale the base and flag a bit to get the right fit if needed.

The mushrooms are my design as well. Get those here: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1375575

Print Settings

Fusion3 F400-S




25% for small parts and 15% for large parts.

I used such a course resolution because the parts are low detail and quite large. The only part I printed with different settings was the flag. On that one, I slowed my speed down to about 35mm/s and printed two at a time (after printing the one in the picture). It came out perfectly.

I used Matterhackers ABS to print this.


The featured picture of the print is without cleanup, priming, etc. I plan to finish this at some point and will update the pictures once I have painted the model.


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