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Added: Jan 18, 2018 11:25
Author: Steve
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I wanted to see if I could make a mouth piece that actually made a note. I put two lower recorder section on the end so that I can make deeper notes.

It sounds really crisp.

Not sure if it's really playing notes yet. I'll do some math and probably fix this in the future.

Suggestions welcome!

Eventually I'd like to make a bunch of different mouth pieces, mid-bodies and bells that all use the same interface.
For instance a slide whistle mid-body that uses this mouthpiece might be cool.

Print Settings

Printer Brand:



Wanhao Duplicator i3 V2






0.2 mm layer height



The mouthpiece prints out in about 3 hours with 55% infill, supports touching build plate and brim turned on.

The mid body and bell were printed out with 55% infill and brim turned on. about 3-4 hours each part.

How I Designed This

Note on whistling part

It's really important to get the wedge making the noise even with the bottom of the wind slot. So print orientation is important. If you print he mouthpiece vertically, with the large layer height the tolerance will be poor on the wedge and you'll get a windy note. I set it up to print the wedge side on and that made all the difference.

If your printing with PET-G watch out for strings and general gooeyness filling up the air input part and killing the sound.

In this mouthpiece the hole after the wedge is an oval that necks down into the circular cross section of the instrument.

If you want to remix this design but use my mouthpiece the interface dimensions are:
The mid-body piece that goes into the mouthpiece is:
radius = 0.295 in, height = 0.25 in
With a chamfer of D1 = 0.06 in, D2 = 0.125 in

The bell part that goes into the mid-body is
Radius = 0.288 in, height = 0.375 in
chamfer D1 = 0.125, D2 = 0.06


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