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Added: Jan 14, 2018 21:34
Author: Jack Eshenour
License: Creative Commons - Attribution


I saw a bunch of soldering stations but none spoke to me and i wanted spots for sponge and steel wool and my solder on a spool and to hold the two arm helper that i know just about everyone has and i fixed the issue i know everyone struggles with on the helper is that its light so it gets locked into place with two studs so you can pick the entire assembly up also the rod i used was 4.9 mm or .193 in threaded rod from home depot bc thats what i had laying around the spool i have is really big so you should be able to put many different sizes and put spacers to raise yours if needed.

For the station i gave you the fusion files if you want to put your own txt on it and also gave you the studs file to so you can adjust those as needed to get the right fit (scotch tape also works fine in wrapping the stud in it) um i think thats all the info just comment if you need anything community keep printing!

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