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Added: Feb 22, 2018 00:38
Author: Dennis Adam
License: Creative Commons - Attribution


There is a TV commercial playing here in the U.S., by State Farm, that shows a woman talking to another woman about a suede couch that she says she "just had to have". Later in the commercial, two robbers break-in to steal the couch with one explaining, to the other one, that when he saw the suede couch, he "just had to have it!"

I felt the same way when I first saw this model. Immediately, I said to myself, I have to print this!

My second thought was, when I learned that it was 190mm high, this would make an awesome piggy bank.

The rest, as the saying goes, is history.

I created a plug for the bottom of the bank so that I wouldn't have to destroy this beautiful work of art to get the money out (and thus, making it reusable). The slot in the plug is designed for a penny (so you can twist it and it stays in place). I also added a piece of felt to the bottom to prevent it scratching/damaging any surfaces it was sitting on.

I redesigned the roof, removing the front and back of the dog house and attached them to the base. I wanted a two color dog house (white/red), so splitting these pieces was necessary.

I have only posted the parts that I changed: the base, roof, door, and plug.

Print Settings


Hictop 3DP-12








20% (except for plug - 50%)

The only parts that I used support on were the base (because of the hole in the bottom for the plug), the plug, and of course, Snoopy himself (as reddadsteve recommended). I did not use supports for the roof (my printer was able to complete it without the pieces coming loose from the print bed. In order to get the best surface for the roof, I printed as it sits on the dog house, bottom down.

Here are my print times:
Plug - 36 minutes
Base - 10 hours 30 minutes
Roof - 7 hours 29 minutes
Snoopy (head and body) - 4 hours 20 minutes
Ears, nose, eyes, and lettering - 42 minutes
Door - 53 minutes
Collar - 6 minutes
Total: 24 hours 26 minutes


I did nothing to finish off the print other than glue the pieces together and add the piece of felt to the bottom. I did not need to glue the nose, ears, nor eyes as they fit very snugly into the model.


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