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Added: Feb 13, 2018 00:04
Author: Creative Tools
License: Creative Commons - Attribution


A 3D-printable practical stand for holding your smartphone on a desktop. The backplate is adjustable to different angles. Perfect for watching YouTube videos!

The different parts are easy to 3D-print and can be held together using standard M3 bolts and nuts.

This 3D-model was made by Danis Tran, using the Rhino 3D CAD software.


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files/Smartphone_Desktop_Stand_adjustable_angle_-_Arm_Left_-_By_CreativeTools.se.stl 196.76 KB
files/Smartphone_Desktop_Stand_adjustable_angle_-_Backplate_-_By_CreativeTools.se.stl 786.61 KB
files/Smartphone_Desktop_Stand_adjustable_angle_-_Base_-_By_CreativeTools.se.stl 1.15 MB
files/Smartphone_Desktop_Stand_adjustable_angle_-_Locking_Pin_Long_-_By_CreativeTools.se.stl 85.14 KB
files/Smartphone_Desktop_Stand_adjustable_angle_-_Arm_Right_-_By_CreativeTools.se.stl 197.05 KB
files/Smartphone_Desktop_Stand_adjustable_angle_-_Locking_Pin_Short_-_By_CreativeTools.se.stl 79.09 KB

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