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Added: Jan 16, 2018 10:52
Author: Luke Albers
License: Creative Commons - Attribution


We are slowly releasing all of the designs for our 360 rigs here on Thingiverse -- we have sold many but the market is slowing down for 360 rigs while our threaded inserts used in them are getting more and more popular. We hope releasing the STL files freely will encourage greater adoption of our designs, and we intend to continue supplying the inserts for the long term, and the COTS components for at least the medium term.

This is a 6-camera 360 rig designed for the GoPro Hero4. It worked well for us while we were based in Alaska. Now that we are based in Georgia (the state), we don't come across many scenes worthy of 360 photography :-(

You will also need a variety of threaded inserts -- which is now our primary product line.
These are available on both eBay and Amazon.
The corners use 1/4-20 (long) inserts,while the camera prong connectors use #6-32 (short) inserts.
Our eBay listings are here:
while our Amazon listings can be found by searching for "initeq inserts"


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