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Author: Moe Zarrella
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Catan is a great game that I played since I was a kid and I apriciate the effort of it's designers a lot to create such a beautiful and versatile game. My intention with this collection is not to give you a fully printable version of the game and all its parts, so you don't have to buy the original game anymore. The idea behind my designs is, to give you something that you can add to your game and make your catan-expirience even better with something you made on your own. I hope that the creativity behind 3-D printing is also going to give this game the possibility to evolve by the ideas of it's growing community. And no, I'm not going to sell those pieces. :)

I combined YAWongs tiles together with magnetic bases. I used 3mm round-magnets for the base that you can order online (for example here: To enter the magnets into the base, use something flat and metalic so the magnets stick easely to it and you can enter them into the wholes with some force. Important is, that the magnets don't come out again. To be sure you're use the right settings, I recomend you to print the test-base-piece. If the magnets go in right and still are able to turn in the wholes, keep these printer settings for all the tiles you're goint to print and use if you can the same filament. Nothing is more annoing than have printed a tile for hours just to find out the magnets don't stick to it...

Heres a fantastic build-guide from buildxyz, which offers you many usefull infos about planing, printing and painting the game:

For the painting it could help to check out videos about how to paint minitaures. Especially how to do effects like "drybrushing" (check out the video from doc faust: My painting-scills are not really good and this was the first time I tried to paint someting this small. But with the help of the instructions from YouTube, it was not such a big deal. So you can do it as well, I'm sure :).

Concerning the roules for the base game check out this link:

To have a overview about all Szenarios & variants for settlers of catan check out this pdf:

For the base game you need the following materials to print. Choose yourself which individual tile-designs you prefere for the game:

Tiles (landscapes): 4 x wood, 4 x wool, 4 x wheat, 3 x brick, 3 x ore, 1 x desert, 9 x water with Harbor, 9 x water without Harbor
Portmarkers: 1 x portmarker 3-1, 1 x portmarker 2-1 (one wool is not needed)
1 x sandstorm or 1 x tornado (thief)
For each player: 15 x road, 1 x Settlements-set (4 x cities, 5 x Settlements), 1 x road-connections-set (9 pieces)
18 x number-tokens (optional)
If you don't want to use magnets, I have made some interlocking parts for the landscapes here:

BORDERS (by explosiveegg):

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