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Added: Aug 29, 2017 02:11
Author: workshopbob
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These sanding sticks hold replaceable sandpaper, glasspaper, ali oxide paper etc. They are 20mm wide and 150m long. They need paper 20mm x approx. 280mm long, it varies in length slightly between sticks. The paper is easily to replace with the thumbscrews and clamp. The photos show 3 of them, I've just added a 4th which is No2 with a square end. There's a hole in one end of each of them to hang them up, it also reduces material costs.

You will need two M5 hex head bolts with a thread length of 20mm along with 2 washers and M5 nuts to match for each stick. The hex head bolts are recessed in the stick as are the nuts in the thumbscrews. I had to clean out the 5mm holes with a drill bit to allow the threaded portion of the bolt to slide through cleanly. I colour coded my thumbscrews for different grades of paper.

The sticks are printed on their side the way they are shown. All the printing was done with PLA at a layer height of 0.2mm. The sticks and clamp are printed at 50% fill and the thumbscrews at 100%.

Update 23/4/17 - Following several requests I've expanded the sticks to be 30mm wide and added the files on here. They aren't tested but should work ok.

Update 26/4/17 - Just added Stick 5. A much more one sided stick with a long thin end and a modified clamp, the clamp has one narrow end, easier to get into the harder to reach places. Stick 5 is 20mm wide and also a 30mm wide version for those using wider paper. They all use the same thumbwheels to tighten the paper down.

Update 30/4/17 - Just when you think you're finished with them you realise it's too wide to fit in where you want it ... So here's Stick 6 - This is a redesign to make it smaller. It uses M4 x 20 hex head bolts (with 20mm of thread) along with matching M4 nuts and washers. The stick is 150mm long like the others but 10mm wide and uses it's own thinner clamp and nut spinners for the M4 nuts. It obviously uses 10mm wide paper. If the nut spinner doesn't tighten up in line with the stick then move the M4 nut through 60deg until it does.

Print Settings




50% for sticks & clamps - 100% for thumbscrews


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