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Added: Feb 24, 2018 00:42
Author: Eko Widiatmoko
License: Creative Commons - Attribution


This is the first rubber band car I created. It uses 3 mm wire as the driving axle, and bicycle tube rubber for traction. With 2 rubber bands connected in series, this car could easily run for 5 meters and more.

The screw holes for the front wheel axles are to be tapped for m3 screw. The other holes are plain.

For the rear wheel axle I used 3 mm iron wire (here usually known as clothes hangline wire, bought 1 kg at local hardware store), notched at the middle, glued and tied with another small piece of wire with matching notch.

I Included the thicker rear wheel in case more strength is needed. The thinner wheel was easily broken with rough playing with kids.


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