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Added: Oct 27, 2017 01:40
Author: Fernando Jerez
License: Creative Commons - Attribution - Non-Commercial



Customize your own rippled vases!.

This is the result of some experiments using OpenSCAD generating models printables in 'vase mode' or 'spiralized'.

I tried to do an easy and highly customizable script. You can define the shape of the figure, how many 'ripples' will have and some variations related to deformation of ripples.

The customizer generates 2 files: A low-resolution model (useful for fast preview in customizer) and the high-poly model for a nice print.

I include some STL's ready to print but I encorauge you to play with customizer. There's many crazy variations and nice models to discover.

Hope you enjoy it.
Have fun!

Models in pictures printed using the Anet E10 courtesy of Gearbest. You can buy ANET E10 here (affiliate links): EU PLUG | US PLUG | UK PLUG

Check other printers on Gearbest.com

Print Settings

Anet E10



Scale in slicer to fit your needs

Use 'vase mode' or 'spiralize' in your slicer

My recommendations for printing 'spiralized': increase flow/extrusion multiplier at 110-120%, use 0.15-0.25 layer height and reduce speed if details didn't print well

I have bad prints when disabling layer fan or when using 0.1 layer height (the plastic 'blends' due to excesive heat)


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