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Author: Rick Borja
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UPDATE: Uploaded photos of upgraded leather grips with leather detail.
UPDATE: Uploaded photo of optional design for a strap harness.
UPDATE: Uploaded photos and added instructions for the leather strap mount.
UPDATE: I uploaded a shorter version of Part_8, as the original felt a bit too long.
UPDATE: Uploaded STL versions of files.
UPDATE: Uploaded new smoother and shorter version of part_3-21.
UPDATE: Uploaded alternate files for Part_1 and Part_23. If you choose to use a rubber foot, then this version is one layer less and the foot becomes the top layer. Also smoothed out the curves on this file.

These are the parts I designed in Sketchup to build a replica of Rey's Staff from Star Wars Ep 7 - The Force Awakens. I create these models based on photo reference from the DK Star Wars Visual Guide, stills from the movie, as well as caliper measurements from the toy staff I bought on Amazon for 20 bucks.

The parts are designed to slide over and be glued in sequential order onto an inner core. I would recommend using standard EMT conduit available at Home Depot or any hardware store.

I built the models in Sketchup in a smaller scale, as I was going to first make a 5' version of the staff for my 6 year old daughter. For this build I used a 5' section of 1/2" EMT conduit. After a few test builds, I found that I needed to adjust the scaling to 110% in the Makerware to allow for the proper clearance of the pipe and glue. The uploaded Thing files are already at the 110% increase.

If you are building a staff for an adult, my estimation is a 6' staff. This is based on photo reference of the actual hero staff against Daisy Ridley's height of 5'7". For the adult staff I would recommend that you reset the scaling to native, then start with a 135% increase. This is what I did to fit a larger 3/4" pipe, and bring the prop details up to adult size.

If you are unsure of the size of the pipe or rod you are using, do a few test prints with part_9 and check for fit.

Once you have the pieces, glue Part_1 onto one end, then slide the rest of the pieces on and glue them in place, in sequence. Some of the parts are duplicates, however I uploaded them with unique part numbers to keep them in order.

Please note that part_5 is one half of the required section. You will need to print two of these and glue them together. I did it this way to avoid the need of supports to create the inner detail work.

The middle grip section uses Parts 12 and 13, which are identical. You will print a total of four of these grips across the staff.

Part 19 is a different style grip to match the original prop.

On each end of the staff, I screwed on a rubber foot. The same kind you buy to put on a chair or table leg. This minimized the shock through the staff when it is tapped on the ground. It's also easier to replace that than reprint new end pieces.

Once everything was glued or set in place, with a space allowance for the wraps and shoulder strap anchors, I painted the staff with Rust Oleum Hammered Finish paint in dark bronze.

For the center wraps, I originally used strips of brown gaffers tape, and medical bandage for the two hand grips. I have since upgraded the design with actual leather, and strips of linen fabric for the adult sized prop. I cut the leather into strips and hot glued it into place. The criss cross detail of the makes for a nice grip.

For the shoulder strap anchors, I purchased a pair of surface mount anchors, some small d-rings, some leather material, and a button snap kit. Be sure and use the button snaps that have the screw threads. I crimped the D-rings a bit to make them more secure.

Cut the leather into two pieces at 4.5" x 3/4" (5" x 3/4" for the larger staff) and one piece at 1.5" by 1/2". Attach the button snaps to each end, looping the smaller leather piece as a bridge over the anchor. Use the threaded button snap to anchor the entire assembly to the staff. Repeat for the other side.

As an alternate option, you can take three pieces of leather and bind them together with button snaps and a D-Ring to make a strap harness.

For an adult sized strap, I purchased a tan Condor shoulder strap from Amazon for 6.40 USD.

I hope you all enjoy this build as much as I did. This was my first attempt at fabricating a movie style replica prop and I learned some new modeling techniques in Sketchup in the process.

May the Force be with you.

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Original model has been scaled up to 110% to fit a 1/2" section of EMT conduit. This is for the 5' long kid version of the staff.

To build an adult sized 6' version of the staff, I would scale it up at least 135% to fit a 3/4" section of EMT conduit.

If you are unsure of the dimension of the rod or pipe you are using, I would do a few test builds using part_9 and change the scaling until you have the right fit. Remember not to make it too snug. You should allow a little bit of clearance for the glue.


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