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Author: Jason Suter
License: Creative Commons - Attribution


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This is an accurately scaled 1:10 MB jeep which makes use of affordable drivetrain parts off of a 1:18 scale Kulak crawler.

The tyres are quite obviously not to scale. I think these would be perfect, but they are too pricey for me.


Build Instructions
Full instructions on my Instructable

These are a list of updates as they happen, so that you know if there are improvements/fixes since you last downloaded.


Added hitch mounting holes to rear bumper
Increased wheel hex hole to 12.4mm for easier fitment
Uploaded corrected frame rails
Added servo bracket/shock mount
Added holes to front fenders for shock mount


Added headlights


Tightened tolerances on leaf shackle_a and shackle_b to reduce side-to-side movement
Added seats (and updated "front_floor_and_tub" with matching mounting holes)


Shortened flanges on motor mount for clearance
Added missing mounting hole for rear bumper in frame
Strengthened tailgate vertical-rib
Fixed gap in rear tub left and right


Corrected offset nut recess in rear frame rails
Added shock support points to fenders
Added option for offset servo mount "servo_mount_offset_option"
Camaelion added a Sidestep that also adds some clearance for the transmission


Added prototype alternative knuckles to mount the axles on top of the leaf springs


New front_floor_and_tub corrects hex recesses and adds steps/footplates behind fenders


ataylor60 released some wheels that fit 44mm truck tyres, giving a much more stock scaled wheel.


kmhatton discovered that not all Kulak axles are the same and released an alternative version of the knuckles that fix the clearance issues.


lijingwei created a servo mount for a MG995 servo, stronger knuckle and hood hinge

I am marking this project as "in progress" since there are still a number of improvements/fixes that I would like to make, I will list them here and tick them off in the update list as they are done. If you wanted to be kept abreast of developments, follow Ossum on facebook

Add a hinge for the hood UPDATE: lijingwei made a nice one
Add steering wheel


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