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Author: RoMaker
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I created the R-CNC because the printable CNCs found on the net did not suit me.


I also wanted to keep the mind “Printable cheap CNC, easy to assemble, easy to use” for the same budget with better quality 🙂 It’s done! The budget of this complete CNC revolves around € 350/400 router included! Free files and tutorials!
-First test on wood:
-First test on aluminium:

The CNC is made with printable parts and mason box screed !

It has a large area of useful milling, 550x550mm

Fully Autonomous and very easy to use, it just needs to be plugged into an plug:
-Place it at the desired location
-Connect the plug
-Fix the milling stock
–Set the end mill manually to the point of origin with the adjustment wheels
-Insert the SD card containing the g-code
-Start the program via the LCD
It also has 4 rubber pads at each angle, anti-vibration and anti scratch.
The electronics are integrated into the machine and it has a front USB port to connect a computer to the Ramps 1.4 if necessary without dismantling everything.

Clean installation thanks to dragchains

The pressure of all bearings on the square tubes is fully adjustable

Very high torque for Y moving thanks to a nema motor 23 multiplied by 3 with pulley 20×60 teeth

Integrated LED lighting

Easy mounting with printable drilling templates

Tested successfully on wood and plastic at 700mm / min and passes of 2mm and 300mm/min and passes of 8mm!, the measurements are perfect at 5 / 100th of mm, the diagonals of the squares are equal, the round ones are round!

Other tests are coming on aluminum and carbon, in any case I already have much better results than with other CNC printable 🙂

I can create a support for different routers if given me the measurements (Dremel, Kress,...) 65mm et 52mm spindle mount available now, watch my other things.

Source of the LCD case :

Complete tutorials are available in English and French on

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March 20:
-Add support for Nema23 on X axis
-Add supports for M8 nuts 13mm thickness


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