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Added: Dec 11, 2017 06:20
Author: Antonio Scalone
License: Creative Commons - Attribution - Non-Commercial - Share Alike


Purple Baron Carousel

When I saw for the first time the Hand Cranked Vinyl Player by Oana I immediately thought that it was a perfect starting point for a carousel! And why not realising a carousel with cork biplanes?!

Turning the crank makes the cork airplanes take-off.


Print Settings


Original Prusa I3 MK2


Doesn't Matter




Equal or less than 200 um for better results



I remixed the baseplate and some gears.
After some tweaking with an x-acto kife the baseplate, the stems and the upper gear will combine nicely. Have a look at the photos for proper connections.
Remember to keep the pieces connecting to the biplanes turn freely!
Some glue is needed as for the original Hand Cranked Vynil Player design.
The propeller needs a M3 6mm screw (or any small screw) for connection.
For better results and easier build up, print with at least 200um resolution.

Have fun and let the biplanes fly high!
Update 07/02/2017
I uploaded an easier-to-print version of the longest objects in Set03. They are tall parts with small footprint and can be tricky to print. The supports prevent them from falling off. Remove them before the final build-up.

Update 11/02/2017
Despite double checking, it seems that the Box and the Stem STL files, that are difficult (to impossible) to slice if you are not using Slic3r. Sorry for the issue and many thanks to @geirskogul for reporting back! The corrected files are online and ready to be printed!
If you still experience issues slicing in Simplify3D the Box file, just click on Mesh->Separate Connected Surfaces. It should then slice without any problem!


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