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Added: Feb 08, 2018 10:20
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Another fidget spinner using gears, this time using planetary gears!

The planet gears are fixed so that the hole diameter is 13mm instead of 11mm.

Things to Print

1x EndCap_Top.stl
1x OuterGearFrame.stl (or OuterGearFrame_countersunk.stl if using countersunk bolts)
1x OuterGear.stl
1x CenterGear.stl
3x PlanetGear.stl
1x GearFrame.stl
1x EndCap_Bot.stl

Things to Purchase

2x 626 bearing (ID = 6mm, OD = 19mm, T =6mm)
3x 695 bearing (ID = 5mm, OD = 13mm, T =4mm)
1x M3x25 Countersunk Bolt
3x M3x10 Truss bolt
3x M3x8 Pan Bolt (or M3x10 Countersunk bolt if making Countersunk version)
7x M3 Nut
Follow the video instructions to build this spinner: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BEvVeLOcFUI.

The 3 planet gears used in this model is compatible with the gears used in the 9 gear fidget spinner.

The bearings spin better if degreased. The bearings used for this spinner was thoroughly degreased using ethanol, but other degreasing agents (e.g. IPA, acetone, etc) may also be used.


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