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Added: Sep 07, 2017 06:05
Author: Rob
License: Creative Commons - Attribution - Share Alike


"Universal Spool Holder 18-56mm II, 606ZZ/608ZZ" by cntrlV seemed like a nice design, but my spool had 60mm hole.

I made a simple parametric version in scad. I added a thin boundary above the bearing, so you need to drill it out or clean up after print, but it makes printing easier. I also made a spacer to put between the bearing and the holder so the bearing does not bind against the holder.

The uploaded stl file is for a 25-70mm holder using 608 bearing.

Update: The hole for the bearing on the uploaded stl is a tight fit (I have it set to 22mm, and 608 bearing has 22mm diameter). Depending on how well your printer is calibrated, you may want to enlarge the diameter a bit.

Update 4/16: Uploaded clip that can be used instead of a nut for quicker changes. Top side of the clip (as printed) goes toward the bearing.


File name File size
clip.scad 619.00 B
clip.stl 66.81 KB
spool_holder.scad 943.00 B
spool_holder.stl 365.19 KB
washer_608.scad 167.00 B
washer_608.stl 144.37 KB

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