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Added: Feb 13, 2018 22:06
Author: Jeremy Stenseth
License: Creative Commons - Attribution


Made to look like the health pack from Overwatch. I've made 2 of these for my nephews for Christmas.

I have uploaded the model several different ways. The models are all named with color, what type, and if more than one is needed.

If you have a large build height >= 210mm there are models that start with "Large Printer" and if your build volume is <= 150mm tall I have split the model into 3 pieces labeled "Small Printer". I split the model so that the seam is behind another part and you won't see it.

There are solid models that will need to be printed in vase mode or hollow models so you can pick based on the performance of your printer. The red plus symbol is in the orientation that gave me the best results, just print it with supports. The top and bottom black pieces are in the correct orientation for printing as well and I was able to print without supports and only had minor stringing, again depends on the performance of your printer, up to you if you use supports or not. I printed the lamp shade with 0 infill and only 1 perimeter and the result was acceptable but I would like to mess with the settings a little bit more.

The assembly is pretty straightforward just a bit of glue, hot or otherwise. Test fit everything first some of the parts kind of press fit together. The red plus part is just glued on. When I get time I have an idea for tabs to snap all the pieces together.

(Amazon affiliate links start..... now) It is modeled to use the oh so popular Hemma Cord http://amzn.to/2E3VInh from Ikea and I would recommend the shortest 40w equivalent Led Bulb (like thesehttp://amzn.to/2FCZy45 Short Led Bulb and these http://amzn.to/2DSToAd Led Bulbs)

Let me know if you have any questions, if you make one please post it, and I give you permission to get some other Overwatch stuff http://amzn.to/2E1PRPB to go along with your new lamp. The Amazon affiliate links support me at no extra cost to you.
Thanks for looking!


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