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Added: Jan 02, 2018 07:11
Author: Michael Parson
License: Creative Commons - Attribution


The knob on our salad spinner broke off a while back and we needed a new one. The first version was much smaller, but it fit. When I went to find a picture of the original product online, I saw that the knob was larger than the one I'd designed, so, I measured it based on the base and in a brain fart, forgot to divide my measure in half (radius vs diameter), and made the radius 2x what it should be, exported the STL, sent it to print, and went to bed.

In a Bob Ross happy little accident, it still fits, still works, and we kinda like the bigger knob anyways, so, here it is.

Print Settings


Anet A8




0.2 mm




I used 4 walls, 4 bottom layers, and 4 top layers, to make sure it was strong enough, this gave the legs close to 100% equiv infill, but they were all walls.


When you load up the model, you'll notice that it is laying on its side, that is by design. In order for the legs that snap into the base to not snap off between layers, I re-oriented it to print this way, with supports. It does leave some artifacts on the outer dome, but those can be sanded off if you want a prettier final product.

How I Designed This

In FreeCAD, starting with the sketch workspace, I drew out half the profile, set all the constraints based on caliper measurements of the hole it was fitting into, then did a revolve in the Part Design. I then made another sketch in the shape of the block I wanted to cut-out to the middle of the center to make the legs, padded and removed, then two more smaller blocks to cut off the edges of the feet so it would fit nicely into the hole it mounts into.


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