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Added: Sep 08, 2017 01:16
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Update 5/21/2017: Added a new version (V3). I think it strikes the best balance between size, comfort and easy reach to shoulder buttons. I also updated the screenshots to easily see the differences. I included a split version of V3 for smaller printers. I'll try to split V2A and V2B if I can figure out how to do it with the smaller amount of material on their backplate.

Update 5/4/2017: Added two new versions (V2A and V2B whole). Some people mentioned it was difficult to hit the shoulder buttons, so that inspired me to try and fix that in the next version. I ended up making one that was really compact (version V2B) and thought I need to make one that was in the middle ground (V2A). Check out the comparison screenshots.

Original Text:
When you use the switch in portable mode for extended play sessions those hands start to cramp. I aimed for an Xbox style set of grips for the system while in portable mode.

I took a previous model of a controller by ant385645 for the shape of the grips.

I included a split version for smaller print beds but keep in mind I split it in Tinkercad so it does not have any tolerance in the cuts. This means if you go the route of printing the split pieces, you might have to sand the connecting rails a little to make them fit. I would recommend getting the whole version as it will probably be much sturdier.

Make sure you print the whole thing (or all split pieces) standing upright so the support material is only on the bottom faces and it keeps the slot part for the tablet as smooth as possible.

Print Settings


Make sure it is printed standing up right like in the first picture. If it is printed face down, the slot will not be wide enough (because of sagging) and you'll use a lot more support material than needed.


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