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Added: Sep 26, 2017 06:29
Author: Javier Pérez
License: Creative Commons - Attribution


This is a try of a neodymium engine, it is not printed yet.

There is a lot of obvious changes, but i began to design it doing completely printable. But some bearings in main axis would be essentials.

All the screws are M12, easy to find and easy to change for 1/2" screws.

I have access to a big amount of Ø4x5 neodymium magnets, in my actual job we used it by tons and design it based on it. Don´t know if it will work, but was a funny noon.

EDIT 10/08/2017

I changed rotor supports for bi-part ones for use ISO 15 bearings (10x26x8) in main axis, also made an axis with an DIN-5465 (D14-d11) grooved for drag and a non normalized cotter in output end.

Also changed some measures, now stator are little bit biggers, presently magnet of rotor and stator shouldn´t touch.

I think that now looks functional.

I bought bearings for 6€ ten units, and the neodynium magnets cost arrround 15€ hundred units. I calculated the spending of material arround 500gr. So the budget is arround 40€.

I changed the original STL that I upload first, I worked over my primal .SLDPRT and didn´t modified names when I saved.


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