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Added: Oct 30, 2017 10:56
Author: Murray Clark
License: Creative Commons - Attribution - Non-Commercial - No Derivatives


The Jack-O-Lantern Candy Dispenser is a fun way to dispense candy over the Halloween period.

The design features and internal structure that rotates to open / close a hatch in the mouth. It's easy to use... with the mouth hatch closed just pour candy into the hole in the top of the stem then rotate the stem to open the hatch and dispense candy out through the mouth.

At standard scale the dispenser will take candy up to approx. 15mm in diameter. Scale up uniformly to dispense larger pieces. Scaling down is not recommended as it will reduce the internal clearances which may result in the moving surfaces to fuse so the dispenser will not rotate to open / close.

This is an easy print but it is large and will take quite a while to print... but it's well worth the time / effort / cost. At standard scale the dispenser is approx. 110mm round and 88mm high including the stem. It will hold a surprisingly large amount of small pieces of candy... and can be used for years to come. Looks great in traditional pumpkin orange or any other color.

Do not use any automated support. The required support has been designed in and should snap away easily (Refer to the images for additional details). More than usual clearance has been designed in so the internal part should rotate free straight off the build plate. However, if it has fused slightly it is most likely the base shaft area so use a craft knife to gently break it free to turn.

Please refer to the print instructions and images for additional information... and post images of your Jack-O-Lantern Candy Dispenser in use for other members to see.

Note: If you like this check out the rest of my fun and practical designs.

Print Settings

Printer Brand:

MakerBot Replicator+

Doesn't Matter


Standard / 0.20mm

PLA / 2 Shells / 10% infill

Straight forward print but it will use approx. 140gm filament at standard scale (with a raft).

Good build plate adhesion is essential to ensure the parts do not move during printing as this could cause them to fuse (...and not rotate to open / close the mouth hatch).

Do not use any automated support. The designed in support should break away cleanly by hand after printing.

A well sliced file printed on a well set up / precise machine should result in a Jack-O-Lantern Candy Dispenser that rotates and is ready to use straight off the build plate.


Just remove the designed in support, check the stem rotates freely and fill with candy!
A well printed dispenser should be ready for use within minutes of the print being completed. Just snap away the small amount of designed in support (at the mouth) then check the stem rotates freely. If not, gently use a craft knife to break the base shaft free.

Make sure the hatch is closed then fill with candy... have fun with it!


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