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Added: Sep 17, 2017 05:06
Author: Revennant
License: Creative Commons - Attribution - Non-Commercial


Just finished the High quality - looks like we have a winner :)
14h print time and i'm realy proud of myself :) & my FF
(posting pics....)
I made one as a dock for Galaxy S3, printed in 7 pieces then glued together and painted with model paint.
Enjoy :)


Print as large as you can, 15cm is almost the smallest you can print it.

Blender, Netfabb and Meshlab to make .STL
Printed in white ABS on FF Creator II single extruder
Layer .27


File name File size
My_version_of_A_throne/flakes.stl 18.18 MB
My_version_of_A_throne/throne15cm.stl 18.82 MB
2013-09-29_22.38.07_preview_featured.jpg 40.85 KB
2013-09-29_22.38.16_preview_featured.jpg 37.67 KB
2013-09-29_22.38.53_preview_featured.jpg 42.39 KB
2013-09-30_23.17.55_preview_featured.jpg 110.93 KB
2013-10-01_00.01.37_preview_featured.jpg 51.54 KB
2013-10-01_00.01.54_preview_featured.jpg 51.75 KB
2013-10-01_00.02.06_preview_featured.jpg 42.39 KB
2014-02-16_11.15.24_preview_featured.jpg 146.13 KB
2014-02-16_11.16.54_preview_featured.jpg 169.27 KB
throne_preview_featured.jpg 41.16 KB

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