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Added: Oct 27, 2017 01:39
Author: Murray Clark
License: Creative Commons - Attribution - Non-Commercial - No Derivatives


'Inverted' Toothbrush Stands provide a practical, common sense alternative way to store your Toothbrush. The files provided (for 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 toothbrushes) should work with most types of Toothbrush. They are small. quick and easy prints that can be printed in everyone's personal favourite colors.

The common way to store Toothbrushes is in a jar or holder that is exposed to both airborne dirt / dust in the area plus water splashed from the nearby basin. In addition, Toothbrushes stored with the head facing upwards allow any excess water (with contaminants) to run down the handle after brushing. Not that these are big issues for most people but the Inverted Toothbrush Stands addresses all of these issues.... refer to the images for additional explanation.

Inverted Toothbrush Stands are easy to use. Just lean the head of your Toothbrush backwards, insert on angle and keep the bristles clear of the top edge, rotate the handle around and into the top slot until the back of the Toothbrush heads is at the back of the stand. The Toothbrush should stand and self centre. The bristles will be clear of the floor in the stand and still exposed to air due to the side vents... but any splashed water will not reach the bristles. Refer to the images for additional information.

Files have been provided to accommodate 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 Toothbrushes. They are all small and easy prints with no support required. A simple way to organize your Toothbrushes and overcome everyday issues.

Please refer to the print settings and images for additional information... and post images of your Inverted Toothbrush Stands in use for other members to see.

Note: If you like this check out the rest of my practical and fun designs.

Print Settings

Printer Brand:

MakerBot Replicator+


Standard / 0.20mm

PLA / 2 Shells / 20% infill recommended

Easy prints. Do not use automated support required. No support required.


Just add your Toothbrush...
Refer to the images for instruction on correct use. There is a simple process for inserting and removing brushes.
Easy once you know how...


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