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Added: Feb 13, 2018 00:02
Author: Simon Spies
License: Creative Commons - Attribution - Non-Commercial - Share Alike


The reason I created this thing is I really liked the idea of printing these bag clips, but I was just not happy with the original design because of several reasons. The most important one is just that there are multiple different types of bags and the original design was just not flexible enough to be suitable for all of them.

Because of this I first created a customizable remake of the original clips with the possibility to set the legth height and width as well as other parameters like the amount of noses and slots to hold the bag and the opening angle since the infill should not be parallel to the perimeters in order to get a stable result.

Afte printing several clips in both PLA and ABS in differnt sizes like you can see on the picture with blue ones being PLA and black ones ABS I realized that especially for the big ones the axle is just too brittle. You can also see that at some of the clips the axle broke of. Furthermore to improve adhesion with ABS I added a brim which was hard to remove at the axle after the print.

Because of all this I changed the axle design to be much more stable and easier printable. The main thing changed is the axle now being part of the other arm and the second arm having a ring around the axle. At the same time this allows maximum opening angle to be increased beyond 180°. I have already printed some clips with the new design and the work extremly well, which is why I want to share this design with you.

I'm providing both the original remake and the improved design, but I would always reccommend the improved design. The parameters from the scad file are the following:

Clip_Length: The length of the clip that is actually useable. The complete clip is longer because of the area needed for the axle.
Clip_Height: Simply the height of the clip.
Arm_Thickness: The actual thickness of one of the two arms.
Extrusion_Width: The extrusion with of your printer. (Usally your nozzle diameter)
Layer_Height: Your desired layer height.
Amount_Noses: The amount of noses and slots to create for holding the bag.
Noses_Size: The width how far a nose is standing out from the arm and how deep a slot is.
Opening_Angle: The ablge how far the clip is opened. (I recommend 90° for the improved and 30° or 60° for the original design)
Clip_Overstand: The length how far the actual clipping part has to be bowed to snap. (I reccomend 2mm for PLA and 3mm for ABS, because its more flexible)
All the stl files provided are for a 0.4mm nozzle with a 0.2mm layer height and can be printed in PLA.

Print Settings


Anet A8


Doesn't Matter




0.2mm or customize


20% or more

You can add a brim if you suffer from warping or adhesion problems. The infill should be at least 20% to get enough strength. All provided stl files are intended for a layer height of 0.2mm, but you can create your own files by customizing the scad file.


If you added a brim, use a sharp knife to remove it from the area near the axle where the two arms are connected by it. If you used the original design, you also have to free the axle from the brim. This is not necessary with the improved design. Also remove the brim from the slit at the actual clipping part. The first time moving the clip requires some strength, but afterwards it should move pretty easily.


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