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Added: Sep 12, 2017 01:24
Author: Steve
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The redesigned 3D printed MHQ2 folding mini quadcopter frame has arrived! Building on the success of the original MHQ frame, we have improved the functionality, durability and stability of this frame. The MHQ2 uses the same arms and hardware from the MHQ with the addition of 4x more 18mm screws and 4x locknuts. The use of 6" props is possible with the new XL arms. Flight compilation video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vrj7iZE8P1M


Redesigned base with greatly reduced torsion for better flight stability.
Camera and battery have a lower center of gravity. Both now mount down on the flight control deck.
Hardtail mounting: you can skip the clean layer and mount the top plate directly to the base.
Wider landing gear and slots on the underside of the baseplate for mounting the battery if preferred.
Improved landing gear thickness and durability.
Mounting holes for SMA extension cables.
Integrated GoPro and Mobius mount. Reinforced structure reduces damage in a crash and elevates the GoPro for the use of a USB live-out FPV cable.
Support for M3 "bobbin" style vibration dampeners.
Now with 35mm spacers to support flight controllers with straight header pins.


Available Online at: http://www.hovership.com/guides


Full Component List (BOM): http://www.hovership.com/guides/mhq2-build-components-list/

Beginner pilots and lightweight FPV with a Mobius or smaller camera: 1804-2204 size 2300kv motors, 3-cell (3s) 1300-1800mAh lipo battery and 5? propellers

Beginner to intermediate pilots and FPV with a GoPro or similar action camera: 2204 size 2300kv motors, 3-cell (3s) 1300mAh lipo battery and 6? propellers

Intermediate to advanced pilots with GoPro or smaller camera: 2204 1960kv motors, 4-cell (4s) 1300mAh lipo battery and 5-6? propellers.


12.01.2014 - Added V2 of rugged arm. Added short version of clean-lower: this is 6mm shorter and should fit better on 200x200mm print beds (placed diagonally).


Print Settings


200x200mm minimum print bed is required. The largest part should fit when rotated 45 degrees and printed diagonally on the bed.
Arms and landing gear: 75% infill or more, 2-3 walls
Plates: 40% Infill, 2-3 walls

Required Hardware




16x 6mm M2 or M3 bolts - depending on which motors you use


4x 18mm M3 bolts
4x 20mm M3 bolts
8x M3 nylon washers
8x M3 thin metal washers
8x M3 lock nuts


4x 18mm M3 bolts
4x M3 lock nuts

Landing gear:

4x 18mm M3 bolts
4x M3 lock nuts

Standoffs (to separate the upper decks):

The two deck plates that are separated with these standoffs have holes for 8 but I found that 6 was enough, 3 in opposing corners.
35mm M3 female threaded spacers
12x 5mm M3 bolts

Vibration dampeners:

ATG small grey (7mm hole mounting): http://www.goodluckbuy.com/4-pcs-atg-anti-vibration-sphere-av-ball-high-elastic-rubber-ball-dual-head-anti-vibration-for-ptz-small.html or http://www.aliexpress.com/item/ATG-AV-Ball-High-Elastic-Rubber-Ball-Dual-head-Anti-vibration-for-PTZ-Small-Grey-color/1023411887.html
Or any 4x M3 "bobbin" style vibration dampener: http://shop.hovership.com/m3-rubber-vibration-bobbins/


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