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Added: Feb 02, 2018 00:06
Author: Aaron Griffith
License: Creative Commons - Attribution - Share Alike


A hexagonal dice box, with 7 internal dice pockets to hold one each of the 7 standard polyhedral dice, with magnets to hold it closed. The top half bears the Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition logo, but could be modified to show whatever logo you prefer!

For best results, print with wood filament. After the print, sand and apply your favorite wood treatment.

Print Settings


Tevo Tarantula









I used a high infill only to give the final piece some more weight, as wood filament tends to be very light.


Magnetic Clasp

This dice box comes with pockets to fit 5mm diameter, 1mm thick magnets, which give the box a satisfying open and close action. I used these, but others will work fine.

Use some sandpaper to rough up one side of each magnet, then glue it into the pockets with superglue. If you don't roughen the surface, the magnets will be prone to popping out.

Be sure the correct side faces out! If you glue your magnets in wrong, the two halves of the box will repel rather than click together.

How I Designed This

Modifying the Box

This box was made in Onshape, and can be viewed and forked here. In particular, the Logo sketch can be modified to put a different logo on the top of the box, or to remove it entirely.

If you create a new top with a new logo, feel free to remix this thing or let me know and I can post it here!


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