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Added: Jan 17, 2018 21:50
Author: Chris Footner
License: Creative Commons - Attribution


My take on the Harry Potter time turner! Prints in one piece with no support needed!
So far I've only printed this in PLA at 0.3mm layer, 0.6mm shell, 25% infill and took 45 mins to complete

UPDATE 19/03/17: From the comments, it's clear there have been some problems printing the base and making it spin so I have had a redesign! Flat bottom and smaller rounds on the base + bigger clearance and easier to print ends... hopefully! {Harrypottertimetunerv2}
EDIT: For some reason, my CAD software exports the STL in a different orientation to what it was made in. The STL file download will need to be placed with the larger surface on the base in which ever slicer software you use. NOT AS IT APPEARS IN THE PREVIEW.
EDIT Found a way to Re-orientate the STL file and have uploaded as "HPTimetunerV2ReOrientated"

Print Settings




Doesn't Matter





reorientate for the largest surface of the part on the print bed.


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