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Added: Oct 26, 2017 06:03
Author: chris Johnstone
License: Creative Commons - Attribution - Non-Commercial - No Derivatives


This is a fully functional toy gun with magazine and bullets. The gun is simply something I've been wanting to design for some time and finally got the time to do! Load the 3d printed bullets into the magazine and fire away!

The gun will be updated as improvements to the design are made. I don't anticipate much more will change between this version and subsequent versions although I will keep the list updated below. I will also upload a full build and assembly guide that I'm working on, soon.


=== September 11th ===
V2.1 - changed the plunger and bullet loader carriage to stop bullets falling back into the mechanism once loaded - thanks to the guys that reported that issue.
Updated magazine release for tolerances.
Updated Slide for smoother motion and tolerance adjustment.
Updated magazine body to make it latch into the gun easier than before.
Updated magazine base for strength and general fit improvements.

=== September 9th ===
V2 now finished, Magazine and bullets added. Updated parts for the main frame, loader, barrel and grip covers to accommodate smoother firing function and add in the functional magazine catch/release-button.

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