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Author: Ethan Newhouse
License: Creative Commons - Attribution - Non-Commercial - No Derivatives


Check out Printing the Revolution's video detailing the build and finish of this design.

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Good day loyal Thingiversites... Thingiversians??? Either way, hello and welcome to my most recent project. I have designed a Halo 4 Needler weapon. This is close to, but not a perfect replica of the weapon seen in the game. For a full scale model as in the game, scale up by 1.27. Thanks to Flynney for the reference scale. This is designed with custom LEDs (T10 & T5 LEDs) and switches in mind, pink and blue LEDs for the Needles and Lights. I am currently in the works of making this item printable and would like the feedback of the community on this. Anybody interested in this design or with suggestions, please comment below. Thank you for your continued interest in this project, I look forward to seeing what you make. There are two other models of this that I remixed for small build platforms, one with electronics and one without. Happy printing!

Progress update (1): Printing has begun. Estimated total material used including support material is approx 3Kg. Estimated printing time at .3 layer resolution is approx 166 hours. If you're planning on printing this project yourself, budget for about $80-90 in filament and $30 in electronics.

Progress update (2): While I am waiting for the filament to arrive in the mail, I decided to design up a stand for the Needler. Tell me what you think of the design in the comment section.

Progress update (3): By the request of a number of you who were kind enough to comment, the .STL files are available for download. Remember, this is a work in progress, so any problems you run into, let me know and I'll try my best to make appropriate changes.

Progress update (4): Two new models of this prop have been uploaded to thingiverse. Both models are cut to fit small build platforms, one with electronic cutouts and one without. Printing still in progress.

Progress update (5): Refined the trigger assembly to use a 12x12x9mm tac switch that is in the instructions under links. Added a Trigger button that allows you to press the switch through the trigger assembly hole. Printing is nearly complete.

Progress update (6): Would you believe that I received the wrong color of filament? believe it, 15 hours and 250g of material wasted. Printing of the Top Shell has begun. All that's left after that is 14 needles.


Links to the materials I used are at the end of these instructions.

The printing specs I am using are as follows. .4mm nozzle, .3mm layer height, support everywhere @35 degrees, 5 perimeters, 5 bottom and top solid layers, 60mm/s support and infill speed, 40mm/s outside perimeter speed, raft at .2mm air gap.

Approximate material usage and time is 3Kg and 171 hours

Each part is cut into segments that may be printed in the single color as it appears in game, purple, pink, grey, black.....

Print one of everything except for as follows. Print 14 alignment pin 9.5x38, print 4 alignment pin 9.5x18, print 4 LED holder front tip, print 7 LED holder back, print 14 Needles.

This design is made to use T10 LEDs in the needles and T5 LEDs in the tip and back. A 12vdc AA battery pack in a 2x4 configuration will fit in the battery hole on the top shell.

Please upload any makes. Happy printing!

-Purple PLA
-Gray PLA
-Pink PLA
-12x12x9mm tac switch
-T10 Pink LEDs
-T10 LED Socket connector (pre-wired)
-T5 Blue LEDs
-12vdc AA battery holder
-12vdc transformer / power supply


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