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Added: Feb 06, 2018 21:22
Author: Wolfgang VonLiechienstien
License: Creative Commons - Attribution - Non-Commercial


Simple. Elegant. Retro. Fast. Easy. Pretty.

Do not eat.

Glowing heart valentines for your special somebody.

Blank face only. Re-mix your face off. I'll be doing custom designs on my little etsy shop maybe tomorrow.

2032 battery slots right on perfectly, and there are two small holes for the LED leads. I used 5mm and 3mm, both work great. Printed in White and used colored LEDs. They can be printed with colored plastic, and white LEDs, but the glow is dimmer and more localized.

Pictures don't do this thing justice, the glow is soft and even in person.

The faces should be printed ~40% infill to avoid infill pattern coming through the glow (which is pictured in orange above)

Print flats down for no supports.

Happy Valentines day!

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