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The electric power generator was designed as a prototype for one of the alternative energy projects. All plastic parts are printed on a 3D printer.

The generator is used to everyone who is interested in green energy. For example, in small hiking wind and hydro generators. With small modifications of fasteners, it can be used as a bicycle generator. Also, as a wind generator, it can provide autonomous power to remote electronic devices (for example, video cameras and Wi-Fi access points, LoRa systems and much more).


Diameter 2.36 inches (60mm)
Height 1.77 inches (45mm)
Weight 0.573 lb (260 grams)
Shaft 5mm, bearings 625SZ (16X5X5mm)
Wire AWG 32 (0.2mm)
Magnets NdFeB 20X5X5mm N42 16 pcs

All the modeling is done in Fusion 360 and partially in Autodesk 123D Design.


I added an STL file of a basis for winding of coils "Gen6_coil_base"
Added winding coils steps picture.

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Anet A8








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