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Added: Sep 03, 2017 02:32
Author: Geoff.W /Hex3D
License: Creative Commons - Attribution - No Derivatives


I have spent many hours getting this right, all I ask in return is if you post pictures of it on facebook etc, just a little credit is all I ask.

The print in the cover image is from one of MrBaddeleys awesome finished helmets. Thank you for allowing me to use your photo.
**** Have uploaded the full mask ask requested. The accessories and eye pieces will still need to be printed seperately.
64+ full masks posted, nearly 40,000 downloads! wow, thanks guys! Everytime I see someone post pictures of a mask they have made, my day gets a bit better.

*I want to take a minute to thank everyone who has printed this and posted photos, I can only imagine the work that went into them all. This is not a 5 minute print, it takes patience, alot of plastic and alot of post finishing - BUT it is high poly, so you will only be sanding away print lines, not trying to smooth out polygons the old fashioned way...

(Size is in the second image for head entry, over all the dimensions are about 33cm wide/high give or take a cm.) This will take a fair few hours to print. I learned from my previous lessons with the Imperial Guard mask and hopefully improved the ease in printing a full scale helmet. I have cut it down to 16 parts for this helmet + accessories, but they are small and shouldn't take long to print. I have narrowed the wall cavity down, so each part is faster to print and requires less plastic. All parts are plated for you already. you might find a better orientation, I just placed them as I intend to print them. I have added eye comforters to line with padding like a real helmet and also seperate glass, but to be honest I intend to recycle some old sunglasses for my lenses. which will go ontop of the eye conforters with some padding around them. I am waiting on more plastic, I ran out :/ so come next week I can start printing this bad boy. I have left this open for remixing, I hope people print it, heck, I hope they print thousands of them.. so if we can improve parts, or you have a suggestion please comment, and we'll make this the best home made stormtrooper helmet available.



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