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This is based on the original thing by ChaosCoreTech and the subsequent remix by Cyphn.

I was not quite satisfied with the stability of the core/logo mechanisms in either the original or remix and decided to rework the model so that it is far more stable and less prone to snapping/breaking.

I designed a snapping mechanism so that the logos stay secure and oriented properly. The cap pieces snap easily into each other and are rather easily removed as well. You can see my cross section analysis to get an idea of what the snapping mechanism looks like.

You can also view this explosion animation to see how it is assembled.

In addition to the original open/batarang function, the blade also folds down about half way so it can be used in a slashing or stabbing motion with a comfortable grip.

The tolerances on the core/wings is purposefully very tight so that the wings to do not move loosely. It will be a very tight fit, but it fits (I've printed out like 8 of them). If you are unsatisfied with how tight they are, some light sanding will do the trick.

I re-used Cyphn's limiting wall on the rear cap piece so the blade is limited in how far it can be opened. Admittedly, this piece is easy to snap/break in my design, but I am not likely to revisit this part of the design as I have ended up preferring it without this nub anyway (since the tolerances are so tight, the blade stays where you set it). If you also prefer it this way, simply snap it off, haha.

Overall, I feel like this design incorporates the best ideas from both the things it was inspired from and provides a very stable/strong core/cap mechanism to boot.

Thanks so so so so so much to ChaosCoreTech for making his F360 files available for use. It saved me quite a lot of time. :)

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You can print the caps with the logo facing down without supports. This gives the logo background a pretty interesting texture if your bridging is decent. If you want to print it with the logos facing up, you'll need support.

Support is recommended for the blades/wings unless you are printing at a .15 or .1 layer height, where you might be able to get away with no supports, but I dunno.

The blades are the same, but I included them as left and right just for the hell of it.


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