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Ethernet Cable Runners provide a simple solution to keep your Ethernet cables neat, under control and easy to access, insert and remove.

The range accommodates from 2 to 16 cables. Each slot only ever accepts up to 2 cables. This ensures you can easily access and remove inner cables...the maximum that can be outside it is one.

There are also three types. The standard type is for use unsecured along the floor or across a desk. The other two types have two types to secure the Ethernet Cable Runners with a cable / zip tie. Type "T" has the slot aligned inline with the cables direction. Type "T90" has the slot rotated 90 degrees from the cable direction. The slot is suitable for use with medium size cable ties. This allow bunches on cables to be run along under shelves / racking. Refer to the images for more information.

I have also provided a screw mounting version of the range at This should make it easier for people to find the type best suited to the need.

They are all small blocks that print quickly so are an easy and cost effective solution to an everyday issue in offices and at home. Print lots and a range so you've always got the right one to fulfil your need at the time.... Tidy up your cables today!

And, if the cables you're using vary from common size Ethernet cables, just uniformly scale them to suit.

Please refer to the images and print instructions for further information.

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Print Settings

Printer Brand:

MakerBot Replicator (5th Generation)



Standard / 0.20mm

3 Shells / 50% infill / PLA recommended

To make sure these work well print them strong by using 3 shells and 50% infill. They work great in PLA. They should also print well in ABS.

If you find the cables you're using vary from common size Ethernet cables, just uniformly scale them to suit.


Just remove the Raft and push in your cables....


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