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Added: Sep 06, 2017 05:06
Author: Jaime Botero
License: Creative Commons - Attribution - Non-Commercial


This is a replica of a dragon egg based on the Game of Thrones. It has a slightly different shape than a bird's egg with both ends a bit more more symmetric. Also, it has scales manually put together one by one.

How I Designed This

This was made using Thinkercad and took me around 6 hours to complete. Then, to make it more real, I used Meshmixer and added some imperfections to simulate exposure of thousands of years to the elements.

Project: Dragon Egg

Project Name
Dragon Egg from Game of Thrones

Overview & Background
In the HBO Game of Thrones series, Daenerys Targaryen receives three petrified dragon eggs from Illyrio as a weeding gift. After looking online, I found the eggs for sale in the HBO store; unfortunately they cost $99. I decided to design them from scratch for anyone to print

To design a dragon egg that resembles as much as possible to a "real" dragon egg. You would learn optimizing parameters for properly slicing a basic 3D object.

Anyone interested in fantasy. It's actually a nice activity for art class as there is opportunity to improve the appearance by painting the egg afterwards.

Reading (as it's based on the Game of Thrones book)

Skills Learned (Standards)
Slicing 3d files
Using 3d printer
Cleaning 3d printed model

Download STL file
Open a 3D Slicer program
Ensure the object is centered
Open the Slicer options and choose the best numbers for the following parameters assuming we want a hollow egg with no infill:
Infill Density: ??
Adhesion Type: Brim
Support Type: Touching bed
Shell Thickness: ??
Overhang angle: ?? degrees
The egg can be printed with very little support as the bottom is a bit flat. I used transparent PLA and no Infill, which made the egg very light, but still resistant.

1/2 hour preparing and slicing
about 4 hour printing

This needs printing filament, preferably White PLA
Having read or watch Game of Thrones
Some acrylic paint (red, black and green)

There are many different types of dragons. Please research what type of dragon do these eggs belong to based on shape and colors

Rubric & Assessment
By the end of the exercise students would understand how to use infill, how overhang angles affect the end result, and a bit about fantasy.

Handouts & Assets


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