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Wall mounted double swivelling towel bar for the bathroom

Towel bar is mounted to the wall with two 4 mm screws for a solid connection.
The towel bars are made of a piece of 10 mm aluminum tubing. Both bars are held by a 6 mm bolt and nut. The base is designed to hold a bolt with allen head. The underside is cut out for the nut to be held in place.
The end of the tubes is capped in the front a 3D printed plug which is also part of the design.
(PLEASE NOTE: As shown in the pictures, ALWAYS use flat-headed screws when attaching anything that is 3D printed. Ordinary screws with conical heads can easily split your 3D print).

The towel bar as shown in the pictures was printed in red PETG to match the red wall mounted cup holder.

Model was designed in OpenSCAD.

Print Settings


Creatbot DE Plus




Doesn't Matter


120 micron



To make sure the parts have a decent strength, print with at least 3 shells and 40% infill.

Print in any material you like.
The red part shown was printed in PETG for its higher than PLA temperature resistance.
But could be just as well printed in PLA, ABS, NGEN, XT or any other material.

Supports are not really necessary, but you might use some to get the horizontally oriented holes a little nicer, depending on your printer and/or slicer capabilities.


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