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Added: Feb 25, 2018 05:49
Author: Trisha Bell
License: Creative Commons - Attribution - Share Alike


All fit on the end of standard hexagon pencil (w/o eraser). Set includes shovel, pitch fork, post hole digger, hoe, and rake. Available to print individually or all together.

Shown in Alumide printed by Shapeways. You can also order this from my shop (Trisha Belly's) if you want it in this sparkly material.



File name File size
Desktop_Garden_Tools/desktopgardentools5_hoe.STL 550.77 KB
Desktop_Garden_Tools/desktopgardentools5_otherhalfposthole.STL 718.44 KB
Desktop_Garden_Tools/desktopgardentools5_forkonly.STL 723.03 KB
Desktop_Garden_Tools/desktopgardentools5_rakeonly.STL 685.24 KB
Desktop_Garden_Tools/desktopgardentools5_shovelonly.STL 631.63 KB
Desktop_Garden_Tools/hoe_rotated.STL 550.77 KB
Desktop_Garden_Tools/desktopgardentools5_halfposthole.STL 736.61 KB
Desktop_Garden_Tools/hoe_rotated_2.STL 550.77 KB
Desktop_Garden_Tools/desktopgardentools5.STL 9.53 MB

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