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Added: Sep 14, 2017 00:46
Author: Domenic
License: Creative Commons - Attribution


UPDATE: The "Long" version of the screw could grip on to a 1mm table. It's overkill but I wanted to ensure people had a choice that would work. The original screw leaves a 17mm gap so if your table or desk is thinner than 17mm, use the long screw

While this isn't strictly a remix, I was inspired by another great headphone mount.

I designed this as the above headphone mount cracked on me (I've made 5 and they all cracked in the same spot). Instead of asking the designer to change the design (many people haven't had problems), I decided to try my hand at making my own.

My design goals were to be smaller, stronger, and deeper grooves for the headphone cords than the excellent Monster Mouth Headphone Holder. I also wanted to remove any sharp edges so I didn't scratch myself or my headphone ear seals while using the holder.

Please post your comments and makes!

Print Settings

Hatchbox Alpha



0.25mm (250 micron)


At 0.25mm resolution, it took me about 3.5 hours to print the holder and screw. 20% infill seems to be fine in terms of strength.


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