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Inspired by the tropical and vibrant coral reefs of Palm Beach, this cuff features complex Voronoi patterns that embody a beautiful coral structure. The coral patters on this design make up a single-layer band and includes an opening to allow minimal stretching for easy wearing. The coral band bevels outward making it look more like a torus ring. This makes an excellent demo print for any home FDM 3D Printer and makes a wonderful gift.


The cuffs photographed were printed in ABS Makerbot Filament on a Replicator 1. This design prints great without any rafts or support. Using MakerWare with High Quality settings (SkienForge) for slicing.

Infill: 20%
Shell: 1
Speed rates: 60/100
Temps: 240/120

Size: cm 6.81 w x 6.692 d x 1.856 h Vol: 3.20 cm³


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