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Author: Russ Taber
License: Creative Commons - Attribution - Non-Commercial - No Derivatives


Oh Christmas Tree! Oh Christmas Tree!

Designed to be printed in is single wall vase mode. Photos show it printed in transparent green PETG.

Fairly large model 210mm dimeter by 300mm tall. Scale to fit your your printer.
Could scale the z height separately for skinnier or fatter trees.

PLEASE remember this is a non-commerical license--make for yourself or as gifts to give-away to friends and family.
If you sell them, contact me and ask for a commercial license.

Study of various materials:

ADDED: New faceted version. Lots more bling. Last two trees in video above.
ADDED: Screenshots where to find vase/spiralize mode in main 3 slicers. Faster prints yay!
UPDATE 12/21/2016--
ADDED: two files forE27 light bulb holder. "Short base" for regular LED light bulbs (see warning), and "Tall base" for specialty bulbs like the disco RGB LED bulb that makes a nice Northern Lights effect.
ADDED: Lamp base for 300mm tree.

(WARNING: triple-check the bulbs do not get warm enough to soften the holder)

Print Settings

Tronxy X3




0% vase mode

I printed without base layers so I could eventually put a light inside. I used 4 brim loops at 0 distance so the first layer would stick well.

A bit of over extrusion helps the layers stick. And running a bit hotter. Run slower until you get it dialed in.

4h42m to print at 0.2mm and 100% (300mm tall). But upped the speed a bit and got them to print in about 3h45m. Varies with filament.

For E27 light attachment (short base and long base), print with three perimeters/shells at 0.2mm layers.


I found clamp work lights make a nice base of you disable and reassemble them without the clamp. And the ones I found at the big box store are UL certified.

The trunk base was designed for E27 light sockets with switches I found on Aliexpress. They are of questionable quality and Of the 10 I ordered, I had to resolder 3 of them. For low wattage LED bulbs, I think should be fine but you be your own judge and use at your own risk. Mould not trust them for anything over 10W making triple-sure they do not get warm.

How I Designed This

I stay in shape with Onshape.


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