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Added: Nov 29, 2017 09:53
Author: Kayleigh Spring
License: Creative Commons - Attribution - Non-Commercial


I wanted to create a desktop 'non- chocolate' advent calendar to count down the days until Christmas. With the tree stand you slowly slot on the numbered 'stars' until Christmas Eve, the flat 'stars' slowly building up a 3D christmas tree. The final tree is fairly small (~12cm in height), but just big enough to fit in a large jam jar ready for next year. Mine will be sat on my desk at work to keep me festive all of December!

WARNING: Some of the parts are small and sharp. This print would need to be scaled up and the points on the finished stars softened with a blow torch before giving to children.

.stl files:
The tree_stand and 24(star) were printed individually.
The other 'stars' were printed in 4 different colours, so have been provided arranged as 4 beds worth of prints.
I have also provided a zip file of the 'stars' as separate stl files.
For good measure, I've also included a complete tree....just in case.

Print Settings

Printer Brand:

MakerBot Replicator 2




My advent calendar was printed in the following Faberdashery colours:

tree_stand - Woodland Brown
24(star) - Bling Bling Gold (this file will also need a raft)
1 to 23 - a combination of Crystal Clear, Jade Green, Village Green and Greenery Green


As mentioned above you may wish to scale up the design and soften the sharp points of the 'stars' after printing.


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files/whole_tree.stl 32.11 KB
files/tree_stand.stl 5.36 KB
files/tree_3-7-11-15-19-23_village.stl 63.95 KB
files/tree_4-8-12-16-20_greenery.stl 69.42 KB
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